Schedule of events

8th April 2016


Administrative opening


Opening ceremony



·         Prof. Doutor Manuel Assunção (UA Principal)

·         Prof. Doutor Rui Costa (ESSUA Director)

·         Eng. José Ribau Esteves (President of the Executive Council of the Inter-municipal Community of Aveiro Region and of Aveiro’s Municipality)

·         Prof. Doutora Assunção Laranjeira de Almeida (Presidente of the Organizing Commission of the Health International 1as Jornadas)

·         Eng. Carlos Pedro Ferreira (President of University of Aveiro Alumni Association)





Theme 1: The person in the Health System

Plenary session 1: Rights and duties



·         Health and taxes
Prof. Glória Teixeira, PhD – University of Oporto Law School


·         Advanced health care directive: considerations 
Prof. Benedita Mac Crorie, PhD – University of Minho Law School


·         Theme To be announced
Pedro Loureiro, MSc - Faculdade de Direito da Universidade- Brasil


·         Moderator: Prof. Jorge Simões, PhD – ERS*




Plenary session 2: Health Ethics



·         Ethics in Health Care Prof. Rui Nunes PhD – University of Oporto Medical School


·         BioethicsProf. André Dias Pereira PhD – Bioethical Law Centre*


·         On the ethical and legal limitation of research: the case of stem cells 
Prof. Ana Sofia Carvalho - University of Oporto Law School


·         Moderator: Prof. Luís Carlos de Melo Araújo – University of Aveiro’s Ethics and Deontology Council *



Lunch break


Theme 2: Behaviour, motivation and action

Plenary Session 1: Motivational behaviour



·         Neurophysiological basis of behaviour 
Prof. Mitzi Lazló, PhD - King’s College, University of London


·         Motivational strategies for healthy lifestyles 
Prof. Ana Galvão, PhD – Bragança Politechnic Institute



·         Moderator: Anabela Pereira (UA)*




Plenary Session 2: Memory alterations – from decision makers to carers



·         Warning signs 
Prof. Belina Nunes - Belina Nunes Memory Clinic*


·         Informal caregivers Prof. Noelia Flores, PhD – University of Salamanca Psychology School, Spain


·         xxxxx
Doutor Vítor Cruz*



·         Moderator: Prof. Filipa Machado Vaz, PhD- CUF Porto Hospital*


Current health and societal challenges




·         Free communications





9th April 2016

Simultaneous sessions

Session 1: Family health


Sala x


·         Prof. Sérgio Gomes, PhD – “Family Nursing” (DGS)  *

·         Doctor Humberto Castro & Nurse Paulo Marinho – “Primary Health Care in the family”(USF Fafe)

·         Prof. Manuel Brás, PhD – “Family evaluation models” (IPB)

·         Moderator: To be announced


Session 2: Speech therapy – to be announced


Sala x


·         Theme To be announced
Speakers To be announced


·         Moderator: To be announced


Session 3: Imagiology in Forensic context


Sala x



  • "Mass fatality incidents & Disaster victim identification: A radiological approach. "

Samuel Campos de Oliveira

Senior Radiographer at HCA International, 

PgC in Forensic Radiology, 

Member of IAFR (International Association of Forensic Radiographers), 

Member of the UKFRRT (UK Forensic Radiography Response Team).


  • "Aspectos Médicos-Legais e de Imagiologia Forense"


Dra. Daniela Jardim Pereira* / Dr. Pedro Melo Freitas ** *** 

 *   Médica - Neurorradiologia, Serviço de Imagem Médica (CHUC – Coimbra). 

**  Médico Especialista/ Assistente Graduado em Neurorradiologia ,Serviço de Imagem Médica (CHUC – Coimbra)

*** Professor-Adjunto da Universidade de Aveiro


  • Moderator: Prof. Dra. Paula Martins


Session 4: Vestibular rehabilitation


Sala x


·         Theme To be announced
Speakers To be announced


·         Moderator: To be announced


Session 5: Gerontology – to be announced


Sala x




·         Theme To be announced
Speakers To be announced


·         Moderator: To be announced





Theme 3: Violence: a lethal reality



Plenary Session: Violence against the person: from signaling to reporting


Sala x


·         A social reality
Felícia Cabrita – SOL newspaper


·         Signaling mechanism 
Rui Silva – Public Safety Police**

·         A lethal reality 
Prof. José Eduardo Pinto da Costa, PhD- Centro Médico Legal, LDA


·         Moderator: Celina Manita*



Lunch break


Current health and societal challenges




·         Open Communications


Closing session




·         Prof. António Arnaut (Lawyer and author of the first Portuguese National Health Service law)